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  1. Managing Director
    Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration
  2. Managing Director
    Range Hood and Microwave Filters
  3. Managing Director
    Refrigerator Water and Air Filters
  4. Managing Director
    Permanente HVAC Air Filters
  5. Managing Director
    Personal Air Purifier Filters
  6. Managing Director
    Disposable HVAC Air Filters
  7. Managing Director
    Bulk Media
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  ALL-FILTERS INC. located in Carson City, Nevada has been a family-owned and operated business since 1990. Throughout the years, our engineers have continued to effectively refine existing products and develop new lines of filtration products for use in air and water filtration. All-Filters is a business that prides itself not only in its innovating capabilities, but also in the ability to meet individual client’s needs by designing filtration solutions upon our customer’s specific requests.

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